Focus on the Customer

Any business savvy person knows the importance of relationship building and keeping customers happy. In this blog, we explore the different types of relationships and the programs in place to ensure success—success of the customer, the vendor, and Remi.

The Focus on the Customer:  Difference between Experience and Service  

At Remi, one of our core values is customer-centricity, which means we are always working to keep the customer at the center of everything we do. Our goal is for all touch points to provide a positive customer experience, which includes a seamless implementation of the program, connecting at trade shows to share industry information and learning from peers, working with a sales point-of-contact to add equipment, or calling service delivery (dispatch) during equipment failure. No matter what the interaction is, a company offering a positive customer experience should always aim to provide a friendly, timely, helpful, and pleasant experience resulting in an overall positive customer journey.

The advice or assistance a company gives its customers.

For Remi, that is at the time of equipment failure. We understand this can be a stressful time because the customer’s equipment has failed. And, there is an urgency to fix the equipment as quickly as possible because any downtime is costing the customer money, and in many cases interfering with normal business practices — patient care or critical research.

Providing a high level of customer service, in a timely manner, with expert vendor technicians, and positive communication throughout the entire process is the key to a successful service interaction. The Remi Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) can help relieve this stress while saving the organization time and money. The EMMP allows organizations to consolidate contracts under one program and partner with Remi to do all the heavy lifting. Remi’s Service Delivery Department handles more than 40K customer service calls per year to support customers who are experiencing equipment failures and work with vendors to dispatch the service event. The customer simply calls in with the equipment issue and we take care of the rest. The Service Delivery Representative will dispatch the service call to a preferred vendor and the certified technician can help get the equipment back up and running in a timely manner.

Research shows that 66% of customers say they will stop buying from a company following a bad service interaction. That’s why Remi follows up with all customers after each service event to understand the experience and make improvements when needed. We are proud to share Remi customer experiences about working with us and the vendor partner that helped resolve their equipment nightmare. Below are the positive customer experiences shared by organizations from healthcare, higher education, and government segments.

  • Outstanding Customer ServiceThe Service Delivery Representative is just another example of outstanding Remi customer service. She also has extraordinary expertise, professionalism and result-oriented skills.
  • Response Time: Remi’s Service Delivery Representative was very personable and did a fantastic job getting a service technician to our facility ASAP.
  • Service Event Management: The Remi Service Delivery Representative did a great job keeping track of the Customer Service Requests. She checked in several times to make sure we had heard from the technician that would be performing the service.
  • Equipment Expertise: The representative is always very professional and very helpful explaining to staff the problem and what can be done to maintain the equipment.

And, these are just a few testimonials of many that express the satisfaction with the support received from Remi and the vendor partner. It’s simple…it’s what we do as an organization and it’s who we are —#ObsessedWithCustomerService.

When a relationship matters—share your customer experience or service delivery story with us at [email protected] to show how the Remi Relationship matters to you and your organization.