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Remi’s program replaces multiple service agreements and extended warranties into one flexible agreement.

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Founded in 1998, Remi is an award-winning company that manages 80,000 service events annually.

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What is a Managed Service Agreement for equipment? How is it different from other similar programs?”

Every commercial enterprise and public entity owns and maintains many different types of electronic equipment. Generally, these organizations will purchase service agreements or extended service agreements from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at the time of equipment purchase. This practice leads to an organization having numerous service agreements in place to finance the cost of maintaining their equipment, which often results in an expensive and unmanageable situation. The Managed Service Agreement replaces the organization’s multiple service contracts with a comprehensive program that consolidates the cost of equipment maintenance and provides a maintenance operating system that produces measurable cost savings, administrative efficiency, and enhanced visibility pertaining to an organization’s equipment portfolio. Remi provides the most financially secure program available, with a focus on customer service, program support, and features that truly add value.

Where is Remi located?

Remi is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, with regional field offices across the country.

How does Remi deliver savings? How do you make money?

By consolidating your current vendor service agreements into one comprehensive program, we eliminate the high costs and inefficiencies of multiple vendor service agreements, thereby achieving an average cost savings of 20% off your current agreements. Remi covers a wide variety of equipment across different organizations in various industries across the country. This gives us a superior spread of risk using the law of averages. We cover millions of dollars’ worth of assets, which allows us to cover more for less.

Is Preventative Maintenance (PM) covered by your program? Are PM-only agreements honored?

In addition to covering corrective maintenance, Remi can cover preventative maintenance on your equipment as well. You choose the quantity of PMs to be covered, typically following OEM recommendations. All PMs are reflected in the equipment schedule, so you can track the completion status in Remi Online. Unfortunately, Remi’s program does not work with PM-only agreements. However, you may find that the pricing offered when converting to “full-service” is cost-effective for your department. Remember that the cost will average 20% less than what the full-service agreement from the manufacturer would cost. Once you send in your PM-only agreements, Remi will provide you with a quote that upgrades your equipment to a full-service maintenance and repair agreement.

Can we add or remove equipment at any time? Will the program cost change?

Equipment can be added or deleted from the program by providing a written notification. Program costs are adjusted accordingly on a prorated basis.

How do we pay for this program?

The program fee is usually paid quarterly. Annual and monthly payment plans are also available.

Who will service our equipment since we will no longer have a service agreement with our vendor?

Remi does not perform the actual service or repairs to your equipment. We assume the financial risk associated with the cost of maintenance and manage the entire maintenance program. Your organization will continue to utilize your preferred service providers or any qualified service provider that you decide can deliver quality service.

Do you cover facilities/plant or HVAC equipment?

No. Major mechanical systems and HVAC equipment tend to require a significant amount of scheduled maintenance. Through our experience, we have found that the most cost-effective method is to purchase a preventative maintenance/inspection service agreement. We advise our customers to place these types of systems under a preventative maintenance program and verify that the service provider is performing preventative maintenance in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

With our current service agreements, all repair costs are covered. What does your program cover?

Remi’s Managed Service Agreement covers corrective and preventative maintenance costs for equipment scheduled on the program. The service agreement and schedule of covered equipment provide clear coverage terms, defining coverage at the equipment asset level. Coverage can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

What equipment is covered by Remi’s program? Are we required to include all our equipment on this program?

Any equipment that is electronic in nature may qualify for Remi’s Managed Service Agreement. Primary categories include medical, scientific, testing, telecommunications, network, data processing, general office, security systems, financial equipment, mail processing, and any other type of electronic equipment. It is unrealistic to assume that every piece of equipment in an organization is best served under this model. However, we encourage you to provide every service contract to Remi for a savings analysis. We will put together a comprehensive proposal that will provide recommendations on how to best manage the maintenance of your equipment. Much of the equipment will be able to move on our program; alternatively, we may recommend other methods for maintaining certain equipment types.

Does Remi or third-party vendors have access to certified spare parts for use in our equipment?

The vendor you select to perform your corrective repair determines what types of parts are required. It is our assumption that if you still choose to use the OEM as your service vendor, you will be utilizing OEM parts. If Remi, at your request, were to source parts on your behalf through a third-party vendor, Remi would identify a partner like PartsSource that utilizes OEM parts as well. Remi is a PartsSource company with access to 4 million parts. This allows equipment to be maintained for years after the OEM deems it “End of Life.” As long as OEM parts and experienced service technicians are still available on the open market, equipment can be maintained to OEM specifications.

Are equipment updates and upgrades covered by the program?

Our program does not cover equipment updates and upgrades. These types of services are outside the scope of corrective and preventative maintenance. Every equipment manufacturer defines upgrades and updates differently. Whether or not you need a certain update or upgrade depends on the type of equipment and how it will be utilized. Typically, software updates for bug fixes are provided at no cost from the manufacturer. But, software upgrades to a new level, such as 2.11 to 3.0, are typically not covered. It’s best to consult with the manufacturer to get clarification.

Will you provide loaner or rental equipment?

Remi will pay for rental or loaner charges for substitute equipment of like kind as necessitated by an equipment failure covered in the Managed Service Agreement. The invoice for the loaner equipment will be sent to Remi who will in turn pay the rental or loaner company directly.

My current service provider told me that if we don’t renew, we would go to the bottom of the list. Is that true?

In the absence of a prepaid service agreement, any new service request would be a billable event for your service vendor, which provides them an incentive to respond quickly. Your current vendor may threaten a lack of response time since they are at risk of losing a very lucrative maintenance agreement. However, our experience has shown that response time remains the same and often improves under this program. Additionally, we have alternative maintenance solutions in place that can be deployed if one of your preferred service vendors fails to deliver the appropriate level of service or responsiveness. You have to wonder what type of company would delay service to a customer that made a significant investment in their equipment and may purchase more equipment in the future.

How difficult will it be for us to administer this program?

This program will actually decrease your administrative burden by moving you from several (perhaps hundreds) maintenance agreements into one agreement with one anniversary date. No more management sign-off on every maintenance agreement renewal; no more cutting checks to dozens of vendors; no more staggered renewal dates… you’ll find this program to be much more efficient from an administration standpoint. Program administration is limited to submitting copies of work orders and corresponding invoices to us for reimbursement. In most cases, we can set it up so that the service provider sends the invoice to us directly. Work orders can be mailed, emailed, or faxed.

Will we be able to utilize phone support without being charged?

If a phone call is made from an end user to the service vendor for help to assist in an equipment failure and the failure is corrected, then Remi will pay for that event on the covered equipment, if it is invoiced.

What are the benefits of your reporting mechanism?

Remi Online provides a variety of information and functionalities that make you a more effective manager of your assets. Our reporting mechanism is web-based, which allows access day or night regardless of where you are. Department managers can have access to their equipment inventory and respective management reports; whereas senior management may have full access to all levels of data…it’s up to you. The list of covered equipment is available in a variety of electronic formats for easy tracking. Many of our Customers have found that the information concerning their equipment maintenance events as well as the “user friendliness” of the online system is as important as the savings provided.

Does Remi contract with service vendors or use their preferred vendors?

No, one of the advantages of Remi’s program is the opportunity to choose your preferred vendor. If a vendor performs service on covered equipment (even your in-house staff), Remi will pay for the service. A majority of our clients retain the services of their current vendors; however, the freedom exists to select an alternate vendor.