Remi provides a simpler and smarter approach to service and vendor management

Organizations with mission-critical equipment can realize financial, operational, and quality benefits through Remi’s data-driven service vendor management.

Remi’s industry-leading Managed Service Agreements replace multiple contracts and extended warranties with one solution that costs less and is more flexible than traditional contracts.

We do not maintain or repair equipment; we provide a single point of contact for managing service events and are service vendor-neutral. Our solution delivers coverage that includes the costs associated with parts, labor, travel, emergency repair, and preventative maintenance.

Remi Is Now Part of PartsSource.

PartsSource and Remi share a common mission: to help our clients make smarter procurement decisions and generate greater value and throughput from their mission-critical equipment.

Learn how PartsSource and Remi are transforming asset maintenance and management to expand critical asset uptime.

Unlocking Value in Your Service Contracts with Remi

Immediate Savings: Evidence-based contract assessment generates around 20% hard cost savings in a single consolidated agreement.

Maximize Uptime and Quality: Utilize your preferred vendor or tap into our network of 5,000+ peer-reviewed service technicians.

Improve Your Productivity: Standardized service workflow and event management eliminate the chaos of managing multiple vendors.

Safely Extend Service Life of Critical Assets: Preserve precious capital while maximizing the return on investment of your end-of-life equipment with a single partner to manage service events and access to 4 million parts.

How Remi Managed Service Agreements Work

1. Remi will analyze your contract portfolio and provide a proposal for immediate consolidation into one evidence-based Managed Service Agreement.

2. The total cost for this Agreement will average up to a 20% immediate discount.

3. Enjoy Stress-Free Service, including:

  • End-to-end coordination, updates and confirmations
  • Vendor choice preferences pre-loaded
  • Timely Field Service Report retrieval, quality-controlled and archived
  • All service-related billing and paperwork
  • Visual analytics to understand service performance and provider quality

Remi’s Simpler, Smarter Approach to Service and Vendor Management

Contract Consolidation

Enjoy one renewal workflow and unmatched flexibility with a single evidence-based service agreement
Vendor Performance Monitoring

Improve quality outcomes through nationally-benchmarked insights and service event oversight
Standardized Service Management

Eliminate the chaos of managing multiple service events through a standardized and formulary-driven workflow
Digitally-Powered Experience

Efficiently manage your operations through transparent data insight and digitized workflows
Lower Costs

Reduce costs through proprietary data insights and aggregated peer demand
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Industries We Serve

Every organization relies on electronic equipment to carry out its daily operations. Hospitals rely on diagnostic imaging equipment, patient monitoring, and a wide variety of devices to provide for the health of their patients. Universities utilize analyzers, spectrometers, and centrifuges to conduct research projects. Government entities use alarm systems, access controls, and video surveillance to keep employees safe. Banks depend on computers, currency counters, and coin sorters to serve their customers. Even the smallest business has a printer, telephone, fax machine, and computer system.

Remi supports over 22,000 equipment types. See a representative list and start unlocking the value in your service contracts.

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