Remi’s Equipment Maintenance Managed Services for Government Agencies

Unlock the Value in your Service Contracts with Remi.

Federal, state, and local government agencies with mission-critical equipment can realize financial, operational, and quality benefits through Remi’s data-driven service vendor management.

Why Choose Remi for Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services?

Remi’s extensive experience in federal, state, and local government agencies makes us the industry leader in public sector managed service agreements. Free up your agency’s resources to focus on your mission while Remi’s skilled team provides stress-free, end-to-end service.

We are a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder and have contract vehicles in place for the majority of U.S. states. Contact our team of government experts to learn more about contracting options in your region.

Remi’s Solution is Data-Driven, Evidence-Based, and Digitally-Powered

Contract Consolidation
Streamline multiple agreements into one flexible Managed Service Agreement
Vendor Network Management
Remi schedules service with the best available option from your Vendors of Choice
Simple Service Requests
Call or use Remi Online to activate Remi’s dedicated, stress-free Service Center of Excellence with 24-hour, live, weekday support
End-to-End Event Management
Remi maintains contact with client and vendors via phone or email; service request status is visible in a single, searchable view on Remi Online
Service Documentation & Invoicing
Remi’s team manages Field Service Reports, vendor surveys, and invoicing, with archived versions for easy online access
Visual Analytics
Review corrective and preventative maintenance reports 24/7 on Remi Online; access KPI dashboards in the online Service Scorecard

Safely Extend the Service Life of Critical Assets with Remi

Remi can help you preserve limited capital by extending your end-of-service-life equipment. As a PartsSource company, Remi is your single partner to manage service events and provide access to over 4 million parts. Tap into our network of over 5,000 peer-reviewed service technicians to keep your current equipment performing—even after the manufacturer ceases to provide coverage.

Visual analytics in Remi’s digitally-powered experience help you understand equipment uptime and service history across multiple locations. Use these data insights to maximize the lifespan of your still-functioning equipment and avoid expensive and disruptive replacements.

Government employee manages equipment service requests online via laptop computer

At Remi, we understand the challenges facing government agencies with traditional equipment maintenance contracts, including:

It’s increasingly difficult to know if you’re getting value from your extended warranties and maintenance agreements. That’s why Remi’s vendor service management solution helps you unlock the precious capacity trapped in traditional service contracts. Remi’s managed service helps you keep your critical assets well-maintained and operational, minimizing unnecessary disruptions. More equipment uptime means improved efficiency, productivity, and focus on critical operations.

Take the guesswork out of your equipment maintenance with a simpler, smarter approach to service and vendor management from Remi.

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Remi’s Simpler, Smarter Approach to Service and Vendor Management for Government Agencies

Remi’s clients give us a 4.8 rating (out of 5) on end-to-end service event management for over 80,000 service events managed annually. Here’s what a few of our government agency clients have to say:

“Working with Remi was an easy decision. It is one company, one point-of-contact, to manage all service events on 2,500+ pieces of equipment.”

State Department of Transportation Quality Control Supervisor (link)

“The choice to move to Remi was a great one as we have a partner to assist us with our equipment along the way.”

K-12 Public School Director of Operations (link)