Last week’s blog talked about relationships as it pertains to customer experience and customer service.  Check out that blog to learn more about Remi’s obsession with customer support.

This week’s post is shifting gears and exploring another relationship that is critical to the success of Remi’s customers – a network of over 2,500 qualified vendor partners.

Remi is committed to establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with our vendor partners, so we can ensure that our customers have the best experience possible during an equipment failure.

The vendor relations team devotes 100% of their time to the following:

  • New Vendor Research and Welcome – The team introduces new vendors to Remi to discuss purchase order (PO) delivery, payment processing, service needs, the vendor’s strengths, equipment types and locations, etc.
  • Relationship Building – Consistently establishing and building relationships with key contacts to ensure the best vendor recommendation for each service request is leveraged
  • Vendor Escalation – Avoiding any escalation, but when the need arises, the Remi vendor team is dedicated to understanding customer concerns as well as working with the vendor to resolve any issues
  • Extend Equipment Life – In some cases, Remi can help prolong the life of equipment by leveraging Independent Service Organization (ISO) partnerships after the original equipment manufacturer has discontinued service

If you have an end of service life scenario, contact us at [email protected] so we can help you understand your options.

As a part of Remi’s Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP), we try to maintain vendor of choice, but sometimes we need to rely on our extensive vendor network to ensure we dispatch the right vendor for the service being requested—either the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or an ISO to repair their equipment.

I appreciate the fact the Remi lets my organization select a service provider when making a service call.  To have someone come in that knows how the machine is used and any prior issues it may have, gives me a comfort level that saves valuable time when troubleshooting an issue.

Remi Customer

With more than 40K service calls a year, Remi’s Service Delivery department dispatches numerous service calls to both the OEM and ISO.  And, with our extensive vendor network, Remi can offer a value-added benefit by recommending the best vendor for the job.

The vendor is fast, efficient, ­­­and offers great customer service. When the repair is complete, he will explain what he did and instruct me on what I can do to maintain that machine.

Remi Customer

Remi can help you by:

  • Regional Partners:  Identifying the vendors available in your area.  Remi has regional partners that are in rural areas, allowing them to respond quicker.
  • Equipment Specialization:  Considering the type of equipment and making a recommendation based on vendors that specialize in the types of repairs needed.
  • Response Time:  Reviewing overall response time to ensure the best customer experience. Remi knows that equipment downtime is costing you money.

The bottom line—Remi focuses on the entire customer journey whether it is with service delivery, vendor relations, or onsite with a vendor.  We want to ensure our customers have a top-notch customer experience.

Have a great Remi vendor related story you want to share? Interested in becoming a Remi vendor partner? Or maybe, you want to learn more about our equipment maintenance management program.

Email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.