As we kick off our first blog of 2019, we will be highlighting a State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that is comprised of 36 prison facilities that are very much like “mini cities”.

This includes living areas, hospital rooms, dental clinics, mental health offices, physical therapy locations, and many more. 

Before the Remi EMMP

Prior to 2017, the state managed vendor contracts on a case-by-case basis, depending on the prison facility, types of equipment and vendor availability. The contracts went through a lengthy bid process, taking on average three months to complete. Bids were typically awarded to the lowest bidder, resulting in minimal services being offered, and the department typically being charged additional fees to obtain the level of services required to complete the service request. Much of the life-saving equipment was not being properly maintained, calibrated or serviced. There was no inventory management of equipment, so the 36 facilities couldn’t even report on the equipment located at each facility. At its worst, the Department of Corrections found themselves out of compliance with state regulations.

After the Remi EMMP

Fast forward to January 2019, and the State Corrections and Rehabilitation Department has addressed their concerns while also saving more than $1.6 million dollars with their Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP).  In 2017, they partnered with Remi to cover more than 5,000 pieces of equipment.  This equipment included ultrasound units, vital signs monitors, crash carts, walkers and more.  Remi also supported the organization by successfully managing nearly 2,000 claims.

Read the full case story to see how this organization used their EMMP to make significant business improvements while still saving money.