Those in the healthcare equipment maintenance space have often heard the statistic that each bed in a hospital equals around $5,000 in service agreements under management.

While the origin of this all-to-often accepted stat couldn’t be found, research did uncover two validated statistics from industry expert, Binseng Wang, that highlight the overwhelming need to ensure every hospital has an eye on the equipment maintenance spend.

Data collected from hundreds of acute-care hospitals, on-average, each hospital acquired about 15-20 pieces of medical equipment for each staffed bed, which translates into a capital investment of around $200k-$400K staffed bed.

[The] same studies have indicated that annual medical equipment maintenance and management approximately 1% of total hospital budget.

Consolidation of Contracts & Reduction in Administrative Burden

Equipment maintenance management is an often-overlooked area to drive significant savings through the consolidation of contracts, which also provides the added value of a significant reduction in administrative burden.

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