Last week we talked about HAC facts and this week we will explore how an Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) can help uncover savings to offset the penalties faced by your hospital.

If you are feeling the pain of HAC penalties with a 1% Medicare reimbursement reduction that ranges from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, then your organization may be interested in exploring options to save money and recoup revenue.  Remi may have the solution for you.

It is estimated that for every bed in a hospital, that equates to about $5,000 in equipment maintenance spend.  With Remi, you get an equipment maintenance management partner that can save you up to 25% over traditional manufacturer agreements, consolidate contracts into one agreement with one number to call, and offer a best-in-class customer support program where 9 out of 10 customers prefer Remi for their customer support needs.

Check out our new infographic to see how an EMMP can save you money and offset the HAC penalties your facility is currently experiencing.

Do you think that an EMMP like Remi can help offset the penalties affecting hospitals?