Recover Lost Medicare Dollars from HAC Penalty

Offset HAC penalty with Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP)

If you work in healthcare, then you are well-versed with the Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) Reduction Program administered by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Remi’s EMMP can help uncover savings that can offset the penalties lost by your hospital.

Since 1998, Remi has been supporting the healthcare industry by providing comprehensive equipment maintenance management solutions. We offer a cost-effective EMMP that eliminates the administrative burden of managing numerous agreements and purchase orders by consolidating everything under one agreement.

This provides your facility the following:

  • Savings. Cutting current equipment maintenance costs by 10-25%
  • Consolidation. Creating the opportunity to consolidate your contracts into one agreement, taking away less time from your day to day activities
  • Management. Providing continued management of current maintenance agreements

Remi has helped nearly 800 healthcare customers save more than $60 million in equipment maintenance management expenses. Learn more about how Remi can help your facility recoup lost revenue from HAC penalties. Partner with Remi today to save on your equipment maintenance agreements so you can focus on what you do best — providing quality care to your patients.

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