Last week we discussed the difference between End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL) in our blog. The focus of this post is to discuss the questions you may want to ask and determine the options that are available once EOL or EOSL notifications have been received.

Three Questions to ask:

1) Is a new capital expenditure my best option?

Knowing when to upgrade or replace your equipment should be a well thought out decision made by your facility and not influenced by the OEM. Keeping a detailed log of all costs associated with your equipment, like corrective and preventative services, consumables, software support, etc. should be a common practice in your facility. This breakdown of costs will give you a clearer picture of how you’re using each piece of equipment and will make it easier to determine the best course of action when faced with the challenges that arise when EOL/EOSL notifications are released. Here are a few additional questions to ask your end-users before replacing your equipment.

  • Does your facility require new technical advances?
  • What is the cost of operating old equipment?
  • Is there a risk associated with operating equipment past the end-of-life date?

2) Is a new capital expenditure my best option?

For EOL notifications, please make sure you discuss the EOL notice with your OEM to gain a better understanding of exactly what is being offered from a service and support standpoint and for how long. Be advised, the OEM may have hidden charges on extending the useful life of your equipment due to age, operating environment or level of use. OEMs may not guarantee the ability to repair their machines past its EOL. Or they may have a pricey EOL service contract.

For EOSL notifications, there will be NO service offered after a specified date and your organization will need to investigate other options to service and maintain the equipment. Extending the life of equipment is always a possibility with Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) that can offer their expertise and have access to parts for repairs. We will get into ISOs more in the next question.

3) Are there other alternatives to the OEM to prolong the useful life of my equipment?

Yes, of course. Third-party providers for your maintenance needs saves your facility money and can offer the same benefits as the manufacturer while also extending the life of your equipment. Equipment Maintenance Management Programs (EMMP’s), like Remi offers, is an alternative third-party option for you to consider. Remi’s EMMP is more of a “one call does it all” approach to equipment maintenance management by consolidating your service agreements into one comprehensive agreement with one invoice, one contract term and one centralized point of administration which helps you budget and plan more accurately.With over 20 years of experience, Remi has built a vast vendor network database which allows us to offer significant discounts on manufacturers maintenance agreements and also provide alternative service options for all types of electronic equipment.This option ensures total equipment management for your facility by providing great service using qualified vendors that help lower the costs of maintenance – and extend the useful life on equipment even after an EOL or EOSL notice by the manufacturer.

Interested in learning more? Contact Remi today or get a risk-free quote to see how we can save you on your equipment maintenance.