In the first two parts of this series, we covered the five options for equipment maintenance and gave a real-life example of the severity of failure issues on equipment.

If you missed one of these blogs, please check out the 5 options for Equipment Maintenance Part 1 and Part 2. In this final part of the series, we will review the impact that maintenance and repair frequencies can have on a facility’s budget.


For something like a portal x-ray machine, it is not about severity but the frequency of repair. One of the benefits of using an Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) like Remi is leveraging access to 20+ years of equipment maintenance data. The average repair cost through an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is roughly $5,000 but utilizing an EMMP program can reduce that cost to $4,300. While that doesn’t sound like significant savings, it is important to remember this piece of equipment, on average, fails up to 2.34 times per year. So, with that data in mind, if the x-ray machine fails 2 times, that would be a savings of $1400 per year.

The Bottomline

For an equipment maintenance contract, one-size does not fit all. So, it is essential to determine the level of service that is required for each piece of equipment based on the needs and expected usage for each department. We are happy to help you put together the appropriate maintenance strategy that will help drive meaningful bottom line savings to your healthcare organization.

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