In equipment maintenance management, we see some interesting stories that make you say—hmm.

In this instance, a Remi customer had called into to our Service Delivery Team for support of their imaging equipment that they believed had a broken camera.  It had been working fine and then started showing the images backwards.

After some research and working with the customer, Remi was able to assist the customer in determining that the equipment was operating with no issue and that the patient was suffering from a condition known as Situs InversusThis condition is also called situs transversus or oppositus which means it is a congenital condition in which the major visceral organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions.

The hospital was able to reach out to the vendor for software application’s support to get assistance in correctly manipulating the images so they could effectively treat their patient.

Have you ever heard of situs inversus?  Comment below and let us know what you think.