Midwest Success Story Case Study Remi EMMP Customer Support

A full-service community hospital in the Midwest, serving the public since 1912, was relocated in 2010.

The new state-of-the-art facility was equipped with the latest in medical technology and a Third-Party Maintenance program was put in place to support the hospital with their equipment needs. After a few years, the hospital’s administration decided to explore alternatives for their Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP). At that time, the hospital’s equipment was on a program that left more to be desired in customer service as well as overall urgency and care. The hospital found that the Remi core values in addition to their commitment in delivering excellent customer service, was the right fit for their business.

“We had been on a program since 2012 and decided to switch to Remi from another vendor. What was different about Remi, is really their commitment and their focus on customer service because that was what we were lacking in our previous vendor,”

Director of Materials Management


The Midwest hospital decided to transition to Remi for their EMMP. The hospital’s Director of Materials Management was the main point of contact for implementing Remi’s program and shared that Remi made it seamless to transition based on their approach of rolling contracts onto the program as they expired with the OEM.

“During that period, we were able to continually submit contracts to Remi for apples to apples comparisons, so that when our old contracts expired, we were immediately ready to go.”

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