One of the critical pieces with Remi’s Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) is the implementation process.

This is the proactive step of verifying all necessary information about the equipment upfront, so that if a failure does occur or preventative maintenance needs to be scheduled—required information like model number, serial number, equipment location, etc. are easily accessible and can streamline the process.  Now, with Remi you can request service online.

This blog series explores two customer successes. Both case studies highlight the importance of implementation and offer some best practices to help organization’s prepare for a successful implementation and equipment maintenance program.

Ambulatory Care Center

We sat down with an administrator of an ambulatory care center that provides care for 275 cases a month. The goal for this center was to uncover cost-saving opportunities which ultimately led them on the path to find out more about Remi’s EMMP.

“Providing safe and effective quality care to patients is the most important thing that we do, but we are always looking for additional ways to save too,” said the Administrator.

In 2019, the ambulatory center kicked off their implementation with Remi’s EMMP after registering one piece of equipment, a laser.

Remi’s EMMP saved the center $3,500 on one piece of equipment over their previous OEM contract.

“The implementation was seamless and very easy. Remi sent over the agreement, we reviewed it and then sent to our President for approval. All he had to do was sign it. At that point, Remi just steps in and takes care of everything. It was a win-win for everyone.” said the Administrator.

Once Remi’s EMMP was implemented, the center focused on the following:

  • Training End-Users. End-users were trained and a communication campaign was sent to educate users on what to do when equipment fails
  • Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers. Having Remi’s toll-free number to call for service delivery as well as instructions for providing the serial and model numbers and any other information is important

This extra step ensured that any issues with the laser would be managed quickly, and Remi would be contacted for service delivery.

The administrator added, “I will continue to have Remi cover our different pieces of equipment as our contracts expire as it is so much easier working with one vendor than multiple vendors for each piece of equipment.”

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