Remi Provides a Data-Driven and Evidence-Based Digitally Powered Solution for E&I Cooperative Members

Remi is an approved partner for E&I Cooperative members: Contract Number E100296

Unlock the Value in Your Equipment Maintenance Service Agreements for Higher Education and Research

Remi is a leading provider of data-driven service vendor and contract management for higher education, government, commercial, and healthcare organizations nationwide. Our solution unlocks the value in equipment service contracts while delivering improved productivity, optimal equipment uptime, and hard cost savings averaging 25% over traditional service contracts. Since 1998, our mission has been to empower our customers to outperform by providing cost effective and innovative equipment care solutions delivered with a commitment to quality service.

Remi is a PartsSource company, providing access to over 4 million on-demand parts and services using PartsSource’s best-in-class marketplace across lab, biomedical, IT, facilities, and imaging equipment. Remi and PartsSource bring together the world’s leader in multi-vendor parts and services with the most widely used suite of alternative warranty products in the nation. This partnership allows you to safely extend your end-of-life equipment with a single partner to manage service events and parts for older, critical assets.

Remi’s contracted discounts for E&I members include:

  • Research Equipment: 20-35%
  • Medical/Vet Diagnostic: 17-35%
  • IT/Communications: 20-35%
  • Office, Facilities, Plant and Other: 20-35%

Remi’s Data-Driven & Evidence-Based Digitally-Powered Solution

Contract Consolidation

Streamline multiple agreements into one flexible Managed Service Agreement
Vendor Network Management

Remi schedules service with the best available option from your Vendors of Choice
Simple Service Requests

Call or use Remi Online to activate Remi’s dedicated, stress-free Service Center of Excellence with 24-hour, live, weekday support
End-to-End Event Management

Remi maintains contact with client and vendor via phone or email status updates; order status for all requests is visible in a single, searchable view on Remi Online
Service Documentation & Invoicing

Field Service Reports, vendor surveys, and invoicing are managed by Remi’s team and archived for easy access online
Visual Analytics

Review corrective and preventative maintenance reports 24/7 on Remi Online and access program/asset/service KPI dashboards in the online Service Scorecard

Unlocking Contract Value

Traditional equipment maintenance contracts are full of challenges, including:

Remi’s vendor service management program helps you unlock the precious capacity trapped in traditional service contracts. Contact your Remi or E&I representatives to request a quote or presentation and learn why Remi’s clients give us a 4.8 rating (out of 5) on end-to-end service event management for over 14,000 critical assets in public and private sector laboratories.

Resources to Learn More

Let Remi analyze your contract portfolio and provide a proposal for immediate consolidation into one evidence-based Managed Service Agreement for equipment maintenance.

“The response time to schedule a repair and to fix the equipment is much faster with Remi”

Public University Research Assistant

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“Cost reduction was the trigger to transition to Remi, but consolidation is the main selling point for us and we’ve been satisfied with Remi for the last six years.”

Biomedical Research Scientist

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“I’ve had such a positive experience with Remi, that I now realize I don’t have to pay such excessive costs to receive excellent service.”

Research Program Coordinator

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