This week’s blog focuses on a Biomedical Research Agency exploring options to save money and determine a better solution for managing all of their medical and laboratory equipment.

As one can imagine, research equipment is extremely expensive and depending on the size of the department, can cost anywhere from $400K to $1 million to maintain.

A scientist at a biomedical research agency relies on various types of instruments, including imager fluorescence and incubators to conduct important research for physical and intellectual developmental disabilities and childhood diseases. He also oversees the asset purchases and service contract management for two departments within his agency.

“Financial constraints and budget cuts make it difficult to manage and maintain equipment, so we must find alternative ways to do the same quality work with limited budgets.”

Research Scientist

Read the full case study to learn how this agency consolidated multiple agreements, saved more than $100K, and experienced excellent customer service during equipment failures. And, the bottom line is that by saving money and freeing up time, the program allowed this research team to focus on what they do best… research developmental disabilities and childhood diseases.

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