If you manage equipment at a university lab or hospital, you know how daunting it can be to purchase new or refurbished equipment.

Whether replacing outdated equipment or upgrading to the latest technological innovations, the decision involves numerous people and business factors. Therefore, it is crucial to choose equipment that meets multiple needs including the end-users using the equipment daily, the patients relying on the results or researchers making new science breakthroughs.

Do the benefits gained from upgrading to the most up-to-date technology provide a higher return on investment? 

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Does it make economic sense to have a portable X-ray machine?
    • According to MD Buyline, a new fully-digital portable X-ray unit runs about $125,000 to $235,000 depending on maximum power output options and type of detector selected.
  • Does the lab have space for a floor model centrifuge or is a tabletop model needed?
  • Is it fixed or variable speed?
  • Does the centrifuge need a refrigerator with or without freon?

The point is — proper due diligence is required before making any major equipment asset purchases. The perfect solution for your organization is out there, you just need to do your homework to find it. Let us know what other questions you like to ask as you prepare to make significant equipment purchases for your organization. Be sure to comment below.

Next week, we will dive into budgets, service contracts, and parts and consumables.