How ISO Certification, Software, and Equipment Maintenance Management Played a Significant Role in a Successful Program – Part 3

Over the last few weeks, we have been talking about how a Department of Transportation (DOT) state office streamlined an equipment maintenance program with ISO Certification and Asset Management Software. The post is based on an interview Remi conducted with a client who is the Quality Control Supervisor at a Department of Transportation (DOT) state office.

With a seamless process in place, the Quality Control Supervisor knew there was one additional hurdle—the management process for equipment maintenance.

Prior to working with Remi, the DOT would go through the below process when equipment failed or even when preventative maintenance or calibrations were required to keep the ISO certification.

  1. Vendor Quote. The Quality Control Supervisor or team member would call the vendor for a quote. The vendor would attempt to determine the issue over the phone and provide a quote.
  2. Purchasing. The quote would be submitted to the procurement department to be reviewed, signed and processed. Due to the nature of the lab equipment, it may be a unique piece of equipment and trigger additional questions to secure approval. It could take upwards of 30 days in some cases to get the approval needed before calling for repair.
  3. Equipment Service. Once approved, then a team member would call the vendor and request service. It could take additional time to get the service scheduled and completed.

To streamline this process, the Quality Control Supervisor turned to Remi’s Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP). The EMMP reduced the process time because all the equipment was covered under one consolidated contract typically with one purchase order. Once that purchase order was approved, all 2,500 pieces of equipment could be repaired, calibrated and preventative maintenance services could be provided without going through the lengthy approval process mentioned above. The process is that easy.

The Quality Control Supervisor shared a real-life example:

  1. On a Thursday morning at 9:33 am, a team member called Remi requesting service on a piece of equipment covered under the program.
  2. At 9:40 am, just seven minutes later, a service delivery representative contacted the team member to inform him that the provider had been dispatched and someone would be in touch to setup a time for service.

This is obviously a drastic difference from waiting 30+ days to get the approvals needed to proceed with service. Now, a purchase order is already approved, and the Quality Control Supervisor and his team can focus on the equipment and the testing for the Department of Transportation.

“It’s our job to ensure that the materials used on a project perform at a high level for a given amount of time. Now that we have an EMMP in place, it helps us save a lot of time administratively—both from a procurement and service standpoint.”

Quality Control Supervisor

If you have a story about how you streamlined your EMMP, please comment below. Or if you want to learn more about the DOT’s successes, check out their case study.