Regardless of industry, businesses are always looking for ways to save money and increase the bottom line. For those working in the healthcare industry, expenses are increasing faster than revenue.

Hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care facilities, eye centers, and other healthcare-related organizations continue to search for savings, without impacting the quality care offered to patients.

This blog will discuss how Equipment Maintenance Management Programs (EMMPs) are a great way to uncover hidden savings and stretch your dollar. It will also explore other ways to think about savings as it relates to equipment maintenance.

Sustainable Savings with EMMPs

Remi’s EMMP consolidates multiple service agreements under one single-source agreement that costs less and is more flexible than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The benefit of a program like this is that a company can save 10-25% off its current maintenance contracts, while still receiving the same quality and coverages of the existing service.

One of Remi’s customers recently shared:

“We were spending over a quarter of million dollars on maintenance contracts with the OEM, and we are just a small hospital. We heard about Remi and sent in our contracts and went through the simple process. We were able to save 18%. You can’t beat that.”

Director of Engineering, Community Hospital

Financial savings is just one part of the value proposition. Remi also offers outstanding customer service. 9 out 10 customers agree that Remi offers an excellent customer experience handling customer needs from start to finish—including managing agreements, handling service delivery calls, offering dedicated resources, working with an extensive vendor network, and overseeing invoices and reimbursements. A Materials Manager from a community hospital shares how Remi really came through for them.

“We had a situation with our server service agreement that was about to expire in two days. I contacted Remi to see if they could assist me and they really got it done. And, we still saw the drastic price cut. I was really impressed with Remi.”

Next week’s post continues with a discussion about the other ways to think about savings and an EMMP.

Stay tuned!

This blog was also published by OHA HOTLINE Newsletter.